Harvey Avenue Renovation, Victoria

We couldn’t have asked for a better project to start our blog off with.  The timeless renovation of a first home.

Sam and Bek Murphy bought this weatherboard home back in 2013.  It was bought from the original owner and they always had plans to turn it into something more than the 3 bedroom one living space that existed.

The original home was just that – original.  Original kitchen, carpets, bathroom and fireplaces.  But Sam and Bek could see the potential.  On 597 m2 it was a great sized family block and the house was structurally sound.

In September 2019 they decided to push on and complete their dream renovations. The renovation is being project managed by Murphy Built and includes an extension, full interior and exterior renovation and floorplan redesign.  This is all being done while maintaining the original and character of the home from the streetscape.

The project will include a mix of both Canterbury timber windows and Southern Star aluminium windows and doors.  The Canterbury timber will be used at the front façade to maintain the character, style and feel of the home.  Southern Star aluminium 300 series windows and doors will be used in the new additions of kitchen, living and dining areas, providing a contemporary feel.

The couple have decided to include some exceptional design features including skylights to bring more brightness into the home, a stone wall, fireplace and stylish concrete mantle.

The renovations are ongoing, and we can’t wait to share more images with you as it progresses!

Thanks for sharing with us Sam and Bek!

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